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Copyright attribute

Every component has an attribute under the chart linked to the original TradingView website. This is required by TradingView.

Customizing the attribute#

Every component is shipped with an copyrightStyles property.

The copyright component has three elements: parent, link and span. The component is wrapped in the parent element. The parent contains a link to the designated TradingView page, and a span which is the text of the link.


import { Ticker, CopyrightStyles } from "react-ts-tradingview-widgets";
export const Example = () => {
const styles: CopyrightStyles = {
parent: {
fontSize: "24px",
color: "red",
link: {
textDecoration: "line-trough",
span: {
color: "darkblue",
return <Ticker colorTheme="dark" copyrightStyles={styles} />;