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Stock Heatmap Widget

This is the React component for the Stock Heatmap Widget


import { StockHeatmap } from "react-ts-tradingview-widgets";
<StockHeatmap colorTheme="dark"></StockHeatmap>

Used Private types#

BlockSizemarket_cap_basic / number_of_employees / dividend_yield_recent / price_earnings_ttm / price_sales_current / price_book_fq / volume|60 / volume|240 / volume / volume|1W / volume|1M / Value.Traded|60 / Value.Traded|240 / Value.Traded / Value.Traded|1W / Value.Traded|1M
BlockColorchange|60 / change|240 / change / Perf.W / Perf.1M / Perf.3M / Perf.6M / Perf.Y / Perf.YTD / premarket_change / postmarket_change / relative_volume_10d_calc / Volatility.D / gap

Used Public types#

ColorThemelight / dark
ExchangesSee here


dataSourcestringfalseSPX500Default dataSource
exchangesExchangesfalse["SPX500"]Choose which exchanges to create a heatmap for
groupingno_group / sectorfalsesectorGrouping of the heatmap
blockSizeBlockSizefalsemarket_cap_basicSize of the blocks in the heatmap
blockColorBlockColorfalsechangeColor of the blocks in the heatmap
localeLocalesfalseenSets the default locale
autosizebooleanfalsefalseSets the width and height to 100%
symbolUrlstringfalse""Make widget redirect to symbol url
colorThemeColorThemefalselightSets the default theme
isZoomEnabledbooleanfalsetrueEnables zoom
hasTopBarbooleanfalsetrueEnables top bar
isSetDataSetEnabledbooleanfalsetrueEnables set data set button. Can only be enabled if hasTopBar is true