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Timeline Widget

This is the React component for the Timeline Widget


import { Timeline } from "react-ts-tradingview-widgets";
<Timeline colorTheme="dark" feedMode="market" market="crypto" height={400} width="100%"></Timeline>
By TradingView

Used private types#

Marketcrypto / forex / stock / index / futures / cfd
FeedModeall_symbols / market / symbol

Used Public types#

ColorThemelight / dark
DisplayModeregular / compact / adaptive


feedModeFeedModefalseall_symbolsSets the feed mode
marketMarkettrueundefinedSets the market type, only used when FeedMode is market
symbolstringtrueundefinedSets the default symbol, only used when FeedMode is symbol
colorThemeColorThemefalselightSets the default theme
isTransparentbooleanfalsefalseTransparent background for component
displayModeDisplaymodefalseregularSets default Display mode
widthnumber/stringfalse480Sets a static width on the component
heightnumber/stringfalse830Sets a static height on the component
autosizebooleanfalsefalseSets the width and height to 100%
localestringfalseenSets the default locale
symbolstringfalseundefinedSet default ticker instead of default all tickers
largeChartUrlstringfalseundefinedMake widget redirect to larger chart