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This is the official documentation for react-ts-tradingview-widgets. This library brings fully TypeScript supported components for all TradingView widgets found here.

Getting Started#

Get started by running npm i react-ts-tradingview-widgets in your project.


A full description of all components can be found on the next page. This includes properties, default values and examples. For extra information please refer to the official TradingView website:

These are all the supported widgets:

  • Advanced Real-Time Chart Widget
  • Technical Analysis Widget
  • Market Overview Widget
  • Market Data Widget
  • Stock Market Widget
  • Economic Calendar Widget
  • Ticker Widget
  • Ticker Tape Widget
  • Single Ticker Widget
  • Mini Chart Widget
  • Symbol Overview Widget
  • Symbol Info Widget
  • Forex Cross Rates Widget
  • Forex Heat Map Widget
  • Screener Widget
  • Cryptocurrency Market Widget
  • Fundamental Data Widget
  • Company Profile Widget
  • Timeline Widget